Pets welcome

We have welcomed cats, gerbils, a few pet rats and even a parrot over our 30 years of offering self catering accommodation but our most constant pet visitors are dogs, who love the endless variety of walks from the farm over our miles of beautiful footpaths and the glorious assorted country smells!


We charge an extra £10 per dog – with the best will in the world we have extra cleaning and checking to do after our doggie visitors have left, as we pride ourselves on giving each new visitor an immaculately clean cottage to move into.


Jess our beloved old working sheep dog si sadly no more, but luckily our grandchildren’s young dog, Lola, is the friendliest little puggle imaginable. Everyone is her friend but we daren’t let her off the lead after she chased our one poor old ewe to death, not to mention putting the hens off lay for days.


We farm 100 acres here in the Peak District hills of Derbyshire so the walks are everything a dog could want and we list dog friendly pubs in our visitor information in the cottages.


We only have a few rules we ask our responsible owners to follow:

  • Please bring your own dog/cat bed and towels.
  • Please don’t leave your pet alone in the cottage except in a cage.
  • Please – no pets on furniture or beds.


We provide a bucket and brush over by the spout of water in the farmyard for removing all that lovely Peak District mud your exuberant pet will have enjoyed so much! We have dog towels available if you have forgotten your own.


Sadly with our past experience we now don’t take dogs under 9 months old.


Although we have 100 acres for your use and many footpaths over the hills from the farm, we do have to ask for dogs to be on leads in certain fields around lambing time and if they are likely to chase our free range hens, which stops them laying and has even killed them with shock.


Any dog mess must be cleaned up – we provide a poop shovel and bags and a disposal place.

jess and visitor
Jess welcomes a visitor
visitors resting
Three visitors resting after and exhausting day
dogs at spout
Dogs drinking at the spout in the yard